Innovative Ag Performance Group Ltd. is a locally owned and operated Ag Retail near Delisle, Saskatchewan, that also offers custom on-farm treating programs. We specialize in seed coating development and application, and are the proud innovators behind PROTEC polymer coating and PROCOATER treaters. The success of our business relies on the success of our growers. As such, we are invested into providing innovative products and resources for crop production.





At IAP, we understand that crop production requires access to a variety of inputs. We have made it our priority to develop strategic partnerships with manufacturers and now offer full range of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and macro/micro nutrients in addition to seed treatments. In conjunction with our manufacturing partners, we strive to continually promote growth through innovation.CONTACT US for more information on retail products and how we can invest our time into your inputs.


IAP has a custom seed treating program unlike any other in Canada. We manufacture our own Seed Treaters called PROCOATERSWe ourselves know we can provide the best and most accurate service possible. Our on-farm service is mindful, efficient and provides extensive expertise in seed treatment application. The PROCOATERS are designed with gravity flowed seed transitions, conveyors (not augers) and a 12’ hex shaped drum, all for gentle and uniform mixing.  All of our operators are equipped with proper certification and experience to handle all seed treatment equipment.  IAP seed treaters will properly apply any treatment to all types of seed, but are specialized on treating pulse crops. We apply PROTEC, peat inoculants and any seed treatment to pulse seeds, to save you time and eliminate same day treating and seeding.  See our PROCOATERS for more details.






PROTEC is a polymer coating which IAP manufactures and distributes across Canada. It’s main use is as a inoculant shelf-life extender for pulse crops. The ingredients within PROTEC are combined to feed the Rhizobia bacteria, which will give a typical peat inoculant a shelf life extension from 24 hours to 30 days. PROTEC coats each seed so there is minimal cracking and dusting.  Anyone can tell you to buy their product for results, we at IAP can prove it.


PROTEC has gone through extensive trails and testing through third parties and the CFIA. The Rhizobia bacteria within the inoculant, is measured in CFU (Colony Forming Units) counts.  The CFU count can decrease quickly if not planted efficiently, or if dry conditions exist.  When PROTEC is applied, the customer has reassurance that their investment is well spent.  PROTEC not only can save you 3 hours a day in seeding time, but will also reassure that the investment spent on inoculant is well taken care of with a proper food source. See PROTEC COATING for more details.