Protec is a multi-functioning liquid coating that provides a sugar based pre inoculant. It is a growth promoter within the soil and is compatible with additional seed treatments. Protec extends the shelf life of peat inoculants from the traditional 24 hours, to 30 days. Protec provides every grower with maximum confidence in their inoculant choice, being able to provide your inoculant with a proper food source. Protec helps to build the nodulation process to ultimately maximize nodulation and nitrogen accumulation.


Protec, inoculants, and other seed treatments can be applied simultaneously with ProCoater Seed Treaters, saving you time when you need it the most. By adding Protec with your inoculants, you can be confident of the viability of your treated inoculant for 30 days guaranteed, regardless of unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays in seeding (weather, breakdown, etc.)



Protec Polymer Coating extends the shelf life by feeding the Rhizobia bacteria within the inoculant. As a liquid, Protec activates the Rhizobia strain and provides the Rhizobia bacteria with a food source.


Pea InoculantThe Rhizobia are localized near the young developing root of a legume type plant, referred to as a pulse crop. Root hairs are virtually microscopic protrusions that grow out, seeking nutrients and Rhizobia. Once a root hair comes in contact with a Rhizobium, the two merge and begin performing a reaction in which the Rhizobium produces an infection thread and the root hair starts to envelop the Rhizobium. This is called a symbiotic relationship, where both creatures benefit from the other.


The inoculation process is mandatory as pulses use a large amount of Nitrogen. More nitrogen means: an increase in production, improvement in field health, and more protein within the plants, ultimately resulting in a higher quality crop. 


Inoculants supply a large amount of its nitrogen requirements through nodulation. Protec makes the nodulation process as efficient as possible to maximize nitrogen accumulation. With the combination of Protec and your inoculant, this will allow for more nitrogen to be available in the future.

The most crucial time for a plants growth are in the early stages. When the inoculant is treated directly on the seed, it is able to use the nutrition immediately. This is compared to root hairs beginning early growth and having to look for the nutrition. It is better to have the inoculant as close as possible to the seed. Infection of the root hairs by the Rhizobia is more probable and occurs earlier. This is all leading up for proper nodulation. More nodulation provides earlier nitrogen fixation; while taking less nutrients out of the soil.


Majority of peat inoculants are treated regularly on farm by shaking on the peat inoculant. Without moisture to activate it, the shelf life that is recommended for your peat inoculant could expire, in or out of soil. Without proper activation or a food source, the bacteria just cannot survive. The large amount of peat and ingredients in Protec provides those nutrients to help shelter the inoculant for 30 days.


Protec has adhesive components in it which will seal the seed, the inoculant, and if applicable, the seed treatments. The polymer coating will reduce seed coat damage, as well as minimize residue build-up within equipment (seeders, trucks, wagons, etc). The adhesives within Protec helps increase the dry time and decrease peat inoculant dust off. No more applying through an auger, and watching your valuable product dust off.