PROTEC Treated Seed

• High rhizobia counts
• Consistent product
• Ease of handling
• Mixable with many seed treatments
• Retains a shelf-life of up to 30 days

PROTEC is a system which allows all pulse crops to be treated with a product that will retain an inoculant to the seed, as well as any seed treatments that one wishes to use.

The result is a significantly lower inoculant loss from drying out and mechanical damage. By retaining a higher rhizobia count per seed, we see faster nodulation, more nodules, and less nitrogen take from the soil with more put into the growing plant.

PROTEC will also provide a greater shelf life, as much as 30 days after treating, that will give a producer greater flexibility with their busy seeding schedule as well as dealing with inclement weather and equipment break down.

PROTEC is a custom applied to provide our customer with a product that is delivered in a form that is consistent through out the seed lot and thoroughly tested. The rhizobial count on the seed is at the highest possible level that you find anywhere.

As a result, the treatment has demonstrated that it provides a net return equal to higher than any other inoculant product and provide the customer with a product that save time and handling.

The Research
Plots Listed

• (foreground) PROTEC plot treated 6 days prior to seeding)
• (second block) liquid, check (none), peat, PROTEC, granular
• (third block) PROTEC, peat, liquid, granular, check (none)
• AAFC Swift Current 2002 (Wheatland Conservation Center)
• Research has been conducted in Eastern and Western Canada,
and the Northern United States. Our result will be in soon!
• Agriculture Canada Swift Current (Wheatland Center)

The Science

The Process

How the process works is like this. The Rhizobia are localized near the young, developing root of a legume type plant, usually referred to as pulse crops. Root hairs are virtually microscopic protrusions that grow out, seeking nutrients and of course Rhizobia. Once a root hair comes in contact with a Rhizobium, the two merge and begin performing a reaction in which the Rhizobium produces an infection thread and the root hair starts to envelope the Rhizobium. This is called a symbiotic relationship, where both creatures benefit from the other.

How Does it Compare?

Not only are we price competitive, we are the only company that will ensure the quality of the product after treating. Our quality testing program monitors the highest live rhizobia counts in the industry. An asset that no other company can provide.