About IAP.

IAP-DisplayInnovative Ag Performance Group Ltd. (Innovative Ag) of Delisle Saskatchewan Canada has been a successful company in the seed treating industry since 1998. Innovative Ag’s primary business is in the manufacturing and application of PROTEC Polymer, a CFIA approved product. Protec Polymer is a product combined with dry powder inoculants to extend the Rhizobia viability from 24 hours to 30 days. Innovative Ag also manufactures portable seed treating equipment, called the Innovative Ag ”PROCOATER”, to apply the PROTEC and Inoculant to pulse crops. The PROCOATER is also diverse enough to stack several products or seed treatments on any planting seed of big or small size.

Innovative Ag prides itself as being the only custom seed treating company on the Prairies with state of the art seed treating equipment operated by qualified trained technicians carrying the mandatory “Qualified Pesticide Applicators License”. The possession of this Pesticide License shows they have been trained in application and safe transportation of all seed treatments including potentially dangerous seed treatments that other applicators are not without the Pesticide Applicators License.

The portable seed treating equipment, qualified technicians, advanced products and farm chemical delivery, offer a service to farmers on their farm which allows them to treat early in the season, then just load and go during seeding without having to do supply or treat on their own.