IAP’s LP-1000 PROCOATER is currently the fastest liquid and powder portable seed treater available today. This treater is easy to clean, can be operated by a single person, and is designed to allow the operator to treat comfortably with consistency and speed.



Rate: 25 to 30 Mt per hour, all grain type

Drum – 12 ft. long x 4 ft. wide
Tower – 13 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide
Trailer Deck 32 ft. long x 8 ft. wide which provides room for two 1000L totes/skids (sizes subject to change upon request)



Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): The PLC system on the ProCoater LP-1000 provides the operator to apply with confidence. It contains electronic components within the electrical panel, to run fixed and variable motors. After calibration, the PLC system regulates the speed and flow of the pumps and motors, which is what makes the ProCoater the most accurate seed treater available today.

The operator is able to use the touch screen to set the rates of application which makes over 30 different recipes, and sets the program so it is as easy as pressing ‘System Start’. With variable motors, the operator is able to speed up/slow down the machine and change rates, all on the go.

Hydraulic Feed/Product Conveyors: We provide conveyors on our ProCoaters for the operators convenience and to keep cracking and movement a non-issue. One 16” wide conveyor to feed, and the other 12” wide conveyor to unload the finished product. Hydraulics allow the operator to maneuver each conveyor with simple set up and clean up.
Surge Bin: Holds 30-40 Bu. This allows the rotary seed gate to run a constant flow, including high and low shut off sensors which are connected to the PLC.
Rotary Seed Gate: Early calibration through the PLC allows the operator to know the amount of kg’s of seed distributed throughout the treater. The rotary gate allows constant flow for quicker application.



Once the Seed has passed through the rotary seed gate, it is gravity feed through the application chamber. In the center of the application chamber is a shaft driven spinning disk, which atomizes the liquid treatment. The spinning disk is used to apply the liquid/slurry that was previously made in the handler tank. This provides early application before being fully mixed throughout the auger after.

Handler Tank: The operator is able to mix a slurry of seed treatments and circulate it to get the proper mix.

Peristaltic Pump: With a peristaltic pump, an operator can run the machine as quick or as slow as they desire. This pump, pumps and primes at the same time. This avoids damage to the pump, and a more accurate reading.

Inoculant Feeder: We use an inoculant feeder that breaks up and augers inoculant into the rotary drum. It is run by a variable motor, and is monitored through the PLC for precision and accuracy.

Rotary Hexagon Drum: The LP-1000 uses a six sided drum to properly combine all treatments by giving the seed a quarter turn. The drum is run by four cast iron wheels to avoid weight problems, and continually keep the drum rotating. Gravity fed, the seed unloads out the rear of the treater, where after it is unloaded with our hydraulic product conveyor.